Laboratory furniture

lab furnitureWhen it comes to laboratory furniture I need to go for the best work surfaces I can afford right?

Budgets are everything when it comes to projects, so avoiding unnecessary spending is crucial. This is where good planning really comes into it’s own. To know what must be included and what doesn’t have to be are frequently confused.

One of the most common problems with lab design is over specifying of laboratory furniture, namely laboratory work tops. Frequently companies and organisations believe they need a much higher grade work surface than required and often believe the classification of their laboratory is higher than required as well. The downfall of this is that the cost of a project could inadvertently rise or may mean the exclusion of equipment that might be ideally included otherwise.

The importance of knowing what’s vital and what isn’t, is a surprisingly common problem with lab design, therefore employing a good laboratory design company is really important to make sure you are only budgeting for what is required. Factoring in the work surfaces, the correct type of bench, the right amount of cupboards, working out what really is required can really save money.

Often, even when companies or believe they are specifying the correct materials, it is wise to seek advice from companies that are very knowledgeable about laboratory design, because what they understand to be correct about specifications can be incorrect.

Knowing when you need and a material such as Trespa Toplab Base, a work surface which has a high resistance to chemicals such as acetone, are resistant to bodily fluid and are scratch resistant and knowing when you only require a work surface that is a lower grade material, can save a lot of money, yet not everyone is clear on this.

Another alternative is laboratory refurbishment, which can be a huge cost saving way to bringing a laboratory up to date, changing what is necessary. This is a growing industry and can be as simple as changing the furniture to complete renovation. Many of these projects do just include replacing the furniture to improving the condition and of course this does mean that cost savings can be huge.

It also gives companies and organisations the opportunities to make changes in designs that will work better, so that might mean moving the service gantry, or changing the types of workspaces, perhaps going from a fixed plinth mounted system to a free standing one, or even a combination. The beauty is that these can be tailor made to suit the vast range of tasks laboratories can be used for.

A good laboratory design company will work with the constraints and look to make the appropriate cost savings with a view to saving money where possible, solving design challenges and working to budget constraints so that the end result hopefully exceed expectations.

So in conclusion to the very first line of this article, going for high spec work surfaces often isn’t necessary, so make sure you’ve employed the services of a lab design company to ensure your laboratory is designed to suit your needs and where the cost is economical.